London Guide

Tower BridgeLondon in our hearts, agree. But as London?

The cultural, historical one, the realm of entertainment, that of the monarchy, that to live, that of English courses are also taught to live, that of foreign correspondents, who always seems a little ‘magic, the myth of’ Empire or the Beatles?

Even people who live there always has the courage to admit you know it completely so quick is the continuing evolution of this city-universe. The London tourist has its fixed points, which are essential: Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the great museums, oases of green parks and large shopping Young (Battersea Power Station immortalized by Pink Floyd). But not everything you can imagine how everyone has “his” London. Furthermore, it is born from the merger of many towns (Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, and so on) do not end up having a center but many centers, not one but many historians hearts. Beautiful is not it?

The city is composed of 31 districts (boroughs), plus the City of Westminster and the City of London. London, apparently the same as always and so, instead, constantly mutable, constantly crossed, in the bowels, troubled by a snake that follows the paths traced by the Metro constantly changing routes. A curiosity, did you know that almost all of London belongs to three people: Lord Westminster, Lord Chelsea and Queen? When you buy a house in London is only 99 years …. cool. London is London.

The resurgence in Docklands

A smaller version, Brick Lane, what, a lot bigger, has done and is still doing in the Docklands, beyond Tower Bridge. Among those mists floating on the river excited the imagination murderer Jack the Ripper and was translated into practice. Among the same fog, diluted in the beer consumed in noisy pubs, it fed the fantasy novel by Charles Dickens. In those same pubs landed Daniel Dafoe and other great travelers like James Cook, among thieves, whores, drunken sailors, smugglers of all kinds. It is the old port of London, with its disused warehouses, import-export firms dismantled a city of reservoirs and brown brick buildings as big as Venice, the 60 forward was thrown into complete neglect, becoming a city ghost hangs over wet docks, at the mercy of the tides. Even the taxi drivers there were more possible clients also advised against going there. A city that Stanley Kubrick chose as the location for some grim prospects of Full Metal Jacket, simulating Vietnam.

And that instead has started a new life, adding to the high-tech brick devoured smog, turning the abandonment and rediscovery futuristic architectural experimentation. More cool than that, today in Europe, you can not. Old mods, goodbye. And the snake continues to spread through London …

Finally, as to what to see and visit in London, places and attractions are many, from the classic Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, parks, museum of ancient art market, known to Camden Town, from art galleries modern (read Tate Gallery par excellence), passing the London Eye, the famous Highgate Cemetery, the village of Greenwich, the woods of Hampstead, be guided by your tastes and fate … and if you do not like too much information spiattellate and prefer to explore and look for yourself, simply read the 101 things to do and see in London before he died to make suggestions.

A pint at the pub

Do not forget to drop one of the historic pubs in London, for a drink and relax during your visit. The pubs were initially parish clubs during the Middle Ages, strategically located along the various pilgrimage routes, meeting places of the then operating in the nineteenth century began to form trade unions. Pubs often have preserved traces of their history with frosted glass windows, wood paneling and blackened patitati, subdued lighting of the candles as you have time and fine brass. The pubs of London are thousands, not just spoiled for choice.