InterRail Guide and Tips

guide for your interrail trip

Interrailing is a great and cheap way to travel. This is an essential interrail guide, with all the information on routes, books, gear and everything you need to help before you go in your interrail journey.

Interrail Routes

The first thing you need to make before you buy the interrail pass is planning which route you are planning to take. If you want a cheap interrail you can visit cheaper countries. Here are a few suggestions on interrail routes to give you some ideas:

InterRail Route Best Museums
InterRail Route Nightlife Cities

Interrail Passes

The second thing you need to choose is the duration of your interrail pass (15, 22 or 30 days) and which kind of pass you want (consecutive or flexi).
The consecutive Interrail global pass is normally the best choice if you are thinking in staying in each city for just one or two days and want more freedom this is the pass for you.
If you are planning in staying three or more days in many of the cities the flexi interrail might be the indicated pass for you.
More information about the Interrail Passes.


company and friends to take for interrail

I wanna make an interrail but i don’t know who should i go with“, this is one of most biggest concerns from first time interrailers. This is also one of the most important decisions that you have to make before going in a interrail. Keep in mind that you will probably be with the friends you take 24/7 during the duration of your interrail and that arguments are likely to happen in those circumstances.
Avoid taking more than four friends with you in your interrail, fights might happen and the group might split up.


what food to eat while on a interrail

As mentioned before in the interrail tips page you can save a lot of money by avoiding restaurants and eating sandwiches of tuna, sausages, ham or anything you like.
By avoiding small groceries stores and buying your food and 1,5L water bottles in supermarkets you can save a considerable amount of money while interrailing.


where to sleep and stay during interrail

his is where you will spend most of your money, use our hostel booking service to find and book budget hostels for your destinations, this way you can check hostels prices and make the booking easy and safe.
Keep in mind that in summer many hostels get full and it’s advisable that you plan your route in advance and book the hostels at least 3 days before your arrival date. Avoid booking the hostels too early you might want to change route, or miss a train.
If you are trying to make a budget interrail you can search for night trains journeys using our train search, this way you will save time by travelling while sleeping and also money.


Check out our Interrail checklist and print it, you can find almost everything you need for your interrail there.


Here are two suggestions on books that you should take in your Interrail for more info and more books check our Interrail books page.

Europe on a Shoestring
best interrail book
This is the Swiss Army Knife for Interrailers and a book that you should definitely buy and take with you in your Interrail. Europe on a Shoestring has information on almost every country in included in the Europe Interrail, you can check currencies , cities maps, cities main attractions, festivals, hostels prices locations, and more.
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European Rail Timetable Summer

This is the second most important Interrail book for most Interrailers, with European Rail Timetable Summer 2011 edition you can find the timetable of almost all trains in Europe! It is really helpful since you can plan your trip route in advance.
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